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SustainLab - VIP Team

SustainLab is a VCU School of Engineering Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) team that is focused on identifying, designing, and implementing solutions to address community problems.

The initial focus is on carbon sequestration in urban settings. We will be working in collaboration with faculty and students from Arts and Biology to design and implement Green Walls at VCU and in Richmond, VA.

The ultimate goal is to use our collective resources to make immediate, positive contributions to our local community.



SustainLab projects will use published data to identify and define contemporary problems. Multi-disciplinary approaches will be used to design solutions. Projects will balance depth and breadth by having students learn discipline-specific knowledge within their area of specialty and collaborating within a multi-disciplinary team to develop a holistic design. Projects require a multi-semester commitment from team members.



​Interested students should contact Dr. Fong for more information. Applications can be completed electronically here.


In The News

Can the arts and sciences work together to prepare a city for climate change?

Friday, Dec. 9, 2016

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“Without getting into debates about global warming, we are trying to address the fact that due to the higher population density in urban areas, there is a higher production of carbon dioxide and other waste gases due to a higher concentration of people, cars, businesses, etc.,” Fong said. “The goal is to develop solutions to counteract the higher generation of waste gases. Since plants naturally consume carbon dioxide, one solution is to implement green walls where plants can be grown at higher densities in an urban setting.”