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Our research aims to make a rigorous engineering framework for the rational modification of microorganisms for the production of chemicals, including everything from high-value natural products to molecules with desirable fuel properties. At the molecular level, we are interested in designing and characterizing novel genetic parts that are useful for constructing larger modules. At the cellular level, our work involves processing high-throughput “omic” datasets to understand component interactions at a systems-level, which are used to verify metabolic models and guide evolutionary analysis.

Our group uses complementary computational and experimental techniques that blend systems and synthetic biology approaches to design, model, construct and characterize biological function.

Post-doctoral position

Postdoctoral Fellow in Biocatalysis/Metabolic Engineering

The research project is one component of a broader “Medicines for All” initiative funded by the Gates Foundation that seeks to develop novel processes for producing APIs. The project is expected to involve interactions with synthetic chemists to devise retrosynthetic approaches for target compounds and experimental development and testing of biocatalytic processes using molecular biology/synthetic biology techniques.

Duties to include:

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Graduate Students

New graduate students are added to the lab on an individual basis after discussing fit with ongoing projects

Undergraduate Students

Decisions on undergraduate researchers in the lab are made on a semester-by-semester basis in consultation with graduate students in planning for ongoing projects.