Trends in Biotechnology manuscript accepted

Our collaborative review titled "Metabolic burden: cornerstones in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering applications" has been accepted for publication in Trends in Biotechnology.

Governor's Agriculture & Industrial Biotechnology Conference

Dr. Fong will be giving two talks at the upcoming Governor's Agriculture & Industrial Biotechnology Conference (

Paper in Molecular Systems Biology accepted

A collaborative paper titled "Do Genome-scale Models Need Exact Solvers or Clearer Standards?" has been accepted for publication in Molecular Systems Biology.

Paper published in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Our paper titled "Systematic analysis of intracellular mechanisms of propanol production in the engineered Thermobifida fusca B6 strain" has been published at Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology.

Congratulations to Dr. Adam Fisher!

Adam Fisher successfully defended his doctoral dissertation yesterday! Congratulations Dr. Fisher!

Image of Dr. Fisher

Metabolic engineering review accepted

Our review paper titled "Integrative metabolic engineering" authored by George McArthur, Pooja Nanjannavar, and Emily Miller has been accepted for publication at AIMS Bioengineering.

Collaborative VCU PeRQ project on smart fabrics with Dr. Tang funded

A collaborative research project with Dr. Christina Tang in our department has been funded. There's a short write-up posted on VCU's website here.

Chitinase review accepted for publication

Qiang Yan's review on bacterial chitinases titled "Bacterial Chitinases: Nature and Perspectives for Sustainable Bioproduction" has been accepted for publication in Bioresources and Bioprocessing. This is Qiang's first publication in our group, congrats!

Fulbright Scholar- Laura Hayward

Former lab member, Laura Hayward, is currently in Australia as a Fulbright Scholar. VCU recently published a news article about her here.

Sustainability collaboration with NASCAR

We had an opportunity to help with the NASCAR Green Initiative at the recent NASCAR race at Richmond International Raceway. Some students were helping to rollout a new carbon calculator that was developed in conjunction with the EPA. Unfortunately the original race day (Saturday) was really rainy, but the students perservered! Here is a link to a news article related to this event.

Nascar Image